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A Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) is an individual who has successfully completed a CNA course and the Indiana Nurse Aide Exam.  Certification is then earned.  His or her name will then be added to the Indiana Nurse Aide Registry.  




Becoming a CNA is a great way to enter into a new profession that promotes and fosters compassion.  It will allow for you to develop and learn new interpersonal skills. You will have the ability to work at hospitals, nursing homes, acute rehab unit and home health.  


What is a CNA?



Why Become A CNA?

Why Choose Victory Training?
VicTory Training offers a 75-hour nurse aide training course.  This training includes the Indiana State Department of Health curriculum that is necessary to pass the state exam. Select download information to start the registration process.  Registration is  complete once the $75.00 non-refundable deposit and entrance exam has been submitted.  


Class Requirements 
A high school diploma or a GED is not required to attend this class.  You must pass a basic reading and math exam (select download information to complete the reading and math exam). This exam must be completed and emailed to within 24 hours of registration.  Prior to the first day of class, all students must have the following tasks accomplished:  2-step TB test (2nd step must be completed prior to the first day of clinical), physical, criminal background checks and uniform.



Employment Assistance

Employment Assistance offered to all former and current students.  This includes resume assistance and interview preparation.  ​Select the career opportunities section on the Home Page to view career opportunities for nurses and certified nursing assistants (CNA).

Comprehensive Exam Review

A Comprehensive Exam Review is included with the tuition.  This includes a practice exam and a review of the Resident Care Procedures (RCP's) prior to the state exam.  No new material or information will be introduced during the review.​  Select the download information button to view a sample exam.

Criminal Background Check

A limited criminal backgroud check local or state must be completed prior to the first day of class.  Students will not be allowed to attend class if they have been convicted of the following offenses:  sex crime, exploitation of an endangered adult, failure to report battery, neglect or exploitation of an endangered adult, theft, murder, involuntary manslaughter, felony battery and/or felony offense related to a controlled substance (wihin the previous 5 years), abuse, neglected, mistreated or misappropriated a patient's property ; and had a finding entered into the state nurse aide registry.  Select the Download Information link to complete your Indiana State Criminal History. (select download information to complete background check) Bring a copy of the background check on your first day of class.

Medical Requirements
A health physical is required to ensure that you have no lifting or other restrictions. You will also have to get a two-step TB test or a chest X-ray if either the 1st or 2nd step TB test is positive. Select Download Information to the right, to download the physical history and TB/PPD forms.



Uniforms and Supplies
Our uniform consists of purple (grape) scrubs.  This includes purple (grape) pants and shirt and white or black shoes.  The following items must be purchased prior to the first day of clinicals: second hand watch, stethoscope and blood pressure cuff.  Select the download information button to view a list of all of the required items.  


Tuition Reimbursement
According to federal regulationat 42 CFR 483.152 (c)(1) states that "No nurse aide who is employed by, or who has received an offer of employment from, a facility on the date on which the aide begins a nurse aide training and competency evaluation program may be charged for any portion of the program (including any fees for textbooks or other required course materials)."  Select the download information button to view information regarding tuition reimbursement.

Classes are every Monday, Wednesday & Thursday from 4:30 PM to 9:30 PM.

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