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Please read and understand the following before submitting payment:


Read the entire "Nurse Aide" tab found under courses, and take the corresponding exams.  

Read the QMA information located on our fees page.  First day of class you will be required to take a basic math and reading course.  


The registration fee for the QMA and CNA course is a $100.00 non refundable deposit that is deducted from the price of the course.


CNA Students: must pay $300.00 of their course total on their first day of class, and the remaining balance is due 14 days from the start of class. 

QMA Students:  

(Employees) Must pay $125.00 weekly until the class is paid in full.  Class must be paid in full prior to the last week of class. Cost of the course is price is $800.00.

(Non-Employees) Must pay $350.00 first day of class and $350.00 14days after the start of class and then final payment the last week of class.  Cost of the course is $875.00.

On first day of class students must pay for their textbook.  (CNA $30.00 or QMA $40.00)


When making final payments students must also pay an additional $75 for the state exam fee, this is needed in order to apply for  certification by the state. (CNA and QMA)

Students must have the following on the first day of class (CNA and QMA) Requirements 4-8 are for CNA's:

1.Criminal Background Check (link is available under 'Nurse Aide' tab) 

2. 2 step TB test

3. Physical

4. ​Wearing proper uniform (purple (grape) scrubs, and gym shoes)

5. Stethoscope

6. Manual blood pressure cuff

7. Second hand watch

8. Gait Belt

*these items are not included in the price for the course​

QMA students must find their own practicum site.  This must be submitted to the instructor by the third day of class.  

 Course Registration Form
What Time Works For You?

Registration fee for this course is $100.00 plus $5.00 processing fee for all payment transactions submitted via the website. Black Friday Sale price excludes the payment terms. It must be paid in full. 

Payments can be made via zelle. Zelle payments can be submitted by using the email address


Thanks for submitting!

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